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Tradition & Culture

Inspiring and connecting the future Engineers of Canada


Patch Trading

The Engineering student community here at Ontario Tech is proudly involved with the engineering student community across the province and the whole nation. We share and celebrate traditions that are carried throughout Canada. One of the biggest traditions in Ontario for engineering students is what we call engineering coveralls (a.k.a. “covies”). Almost all universities with an engineering student society have a distinct colour for their engineering coveralls. Ontario Tech is blue, and we have universities like Mcmaster with red, University of Waterloo with grey, and so forth.

This tradition is celebrated with the patch culture across Canada. Every Engineering students’ society across Canada has patches of their own, and at every inter-school event (such as conferences or their own events in which they extend an invitation to other schools) students from different universities trade patches to sew them on their engineering coveralls. It is said that the more engineering patches you have the more involved you are within the engineering community.

Not only does patch-trading allow engineering students to participate in a nation wide community, it also allows them to network and create connections with students across the province and the country!

In addition to patch trading and other nation wide traditions, Ontario Tech Engineers take part in a wide variety of events every year; forming our own traditions. You can learn more about these events and traditions by contacting our VP Social FEAS.

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