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What is ESSCO and CFES?

The Ontario Tech Engineering Students’ Society is affiliated and is a member of numerous organizations provincially as well as nationally. OT EngSoc is member of the Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario (ESSCO), and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). ESSCO is a student organization at the provincial level and CFES is a student organization at the national level. They both provide countless involvement opportunities, for more information email

In addition to the core conferences found below, there are also Engineering Competitions, Six Sigma Courses, and many others. If none of these appeal to you; the Ontario Tech EngSoc also offers funding for other conferences if they meet certain criteria. Contact the Vice President External for more information. 





ESSCO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the first conference after most schools’ new VPXs take office, and largely serves as a VPX training weekend where you learn the ins and outs of ESSCO and CFES. In addition to the VPX Stream, there is also a general leadership/professional development stream geared towards training other Engsoc executives how to better serve their student bodies. At this conference ESSCO also holds their executive elections, and every school present will have the opportunity to vote on who they will work with over the next year.



ESSCO President’s Meeting is the first conference of the academic year, typically the first-second week of September. The purpose of this conference is to give the VPXs an update on what ESSCO has been up to since AGM, and also to get the VPXs inputs on what initiatives ESSCO should work on over the next year.



ESSCO’s First Year Integration Conference is many engineering students’ entry to leadership. This conference aims to teach first year students about how and why they should get involved in their Engsoc, as well as ESSCO and CFES.



The PEO Student Conference is focused on explaining the engineering licensure process, as well as showcasing the benefits of becoming an EIT upon graduation. This conference is largely meant for upper year students getting close to graduation.



The Conference on Diversity in Engineering was originally meant to be about increasing the number of women in the engineering profession, but has since morphed into a conference about general inclusivity (gender, race, handicapped, LGBTQ, etc).



CELC (Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference) is the largest and most important conference of the year. CELC is CFES’s equivalent to ESSCO’s AGM. At CELC delegates are divided into 4 streams, Professional Development, Engsoc, Leadership, and VPX. In the VPX stream, delegates will go through a series of talks about what CFES has done since CFES PM, and what they intend to do with the remainder of the year. CFES also will have their elections for their new executives/councilors. 
Typically heald in January



New to CFES is the Conference on Sustainable Engineering. This conference covers how engineers can promote their own business and products to be more sustainable towards the environment.

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