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There exists many different opportunities for members of the Engineering Student Body to get involved on campus. Committees are one of these ways; in fact, committees are one ofthe best ways for a student to gain applicable skills such as Professional Communication, Event Planning, Documentation, and Personel Management in a safe, fun and inviting atmosphere. To learn more, please explore the opportunities below.


Internal Engineering Competition Committee (IECC) 

Internal Engineering Competition Committee (IECC) 




The IECC is composed of members assigned to one specific sub-competition of the Internal Engineering Competition where they work alongside the Ontario Tech Engineering Society’s Vice President of Internal Affairs to ensure that the competition proceeds smoothly. Committee members are accountable for determining an appropriate challenge for their assigned competition as well as finding appropriate industry judges for their challenge. 

There are ten sub-sections in the committee that students can apply for:

  1. Consulting Engineering

  2. Engineering Communications

  3. Extemporaneous Debate

  4. Innovative Design

  5. Junior Design

  6. Senior Design

  7. Re-Engineering

  8. Programming

  9. Bio-engineering

  10. Quality Control Group

The Ontario Tech Internal Engineering Competition (IEC) serves as the qualifying round preceding the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), and the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC). 

Applications for the 2022 committee are coming soon!

Orientation Committee 

Orientation Committee

More info coming soon

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