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Upper year class representatives

About the Role

As a Class Representative you will be working directly with engineering students, EngSoc and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to improve the engineering courses at Ontario Tech U. You will have the chance attend and share your feedback at committee meetings.

Your responsibilities are as follows:
- Act as the student representative for fellow engineering classmates enrolled in your course(s).
- Report on issues regarding the overall course and concerns of the students.
- Conduct polls to evaluate your classmates' satisfaction with your assigned course.
- Attend committee meetings with faculty administrators approximately twice a semester (Around October and November for Fall 2022).
- Attend additional meetings with your program representative and/or the EngSoc Executives.

You can only apply to be a Class Representative of a course you are/will be enrolled in for the Fall 2022 semester. Applying to represent a specific course will not guarantee you will get the position, however an earlier application may increase your chances to get the position. Only second year and higher undergraduate levels of engineering courses are currently open for sign-ups.

This application round will close on August 31st at midnight (ET).

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