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External Events Director [2 positions]

The External Events Directors will work towards the student outreach initiative regarding external engineering opportunities across Canada.


  • Working with the VP External to create/summarize content for external communications, including but not limited to information about conferences, external partners (CFES/ESSCO), upcoming inter school events. 

  • Work closely with VP External and the Other VPs of the society to plan and host Engineering themed social events that are part of traditional engineering culture.

Meeting Schedule: The frequency of meetings will be determined by the importance of the content and the ongoing events. Generally, one meeting per week or one meeting every two weeks can be conducted online or in person, depending on the circumstances.  

Time commitment: To promote an optimal level of participation, the role recommends up to 3 hours per week for meeting preparation, discussions, and follow-up tasks. However, it's worth noting that when hosting events, additional time may be required for planning and execution. 

If you have any questions on the application process or Directorship positions you can email or DM us through the EngSoc Instagram account or reach out to us on Discord. 

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