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Engineering Program Representative

The Engineering Program Representative will be responsible for representing their respective program at meetings with faculty and EngSoc executives. They will also be responsible for acting as the primary contact between the VP Academic and the program's student course representatives. 


  • Oversee your engineering program's student course representatives. 

  • Act as the student representative for fellow classmates enrolled in your course(s). 

  • Report on issues regarding the overall course and concerns of the students. 

  • Conduct polls to evaluate your classmates' satisfaction with your assigned course. 

  • Attend meetings with faculty administrators approximately twice a semester (Around October and November). 

  • Attend additional meetings with the EngSoc VP Academics. 

Time Commitment: An Engineering Program Representative should allocate 2-4 hours per week to ensure optimal participation and efficiency. Please note, additional time may be required during busier weeks.  

Meeting Schedule: Engineering Program Representatives are required to attend weekly meetings with the VP Academic and other relevant directors, although it’s worth noting that additional meetings may be required depending on the situation at hand.  

If you have any questions on the application process or Directorship positions you can or DM us through the EngSoc Instagram account or reach out to us on Discord.

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