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Director of Visual Content [2 positions]

The Director of Visual Content is responsible for overseeing the creation and curation of visually engaging and impactful content for the Engineering Society. The objective is to ensure the delivery of high-quality visual materials that effectively represent the Society's brand and engage its members. 


  • Collaborate with the Vice President of Marketing to develop a clear vision and strategy for the visual content of the Engineering Society. Align visual elements with the Society's goals and objectives. 

  • Plan and coordinate photoshoots & video production to capture and communicate the essence of the Engineering Society's events, initiatives, and achievements. Be present at events to capture videos, photos, and other content.

  • Ensure adherence to branding guidelines and maintain consistency in visual elements across different platforms and mediums. 

  • Manage the organization and storage of visual assets, ensuring easy access and retrieval for future use. 

Time Commitment: The Director of Visual Content can expect to dedicate an average of 3-5 hours per week for planning, coordination, and oversight of visual content creation. Additional time may be required during specific events or projects. During orientation and other major events, more time may be needed. 

Meeting Schedule: The Director of Visual Content will be required to have bi-weekly meetings with the Vice President of Marketing to discuss strategies, progress, and agenda.

If you have any questions on the application process or Directorship positions you can email or DM us through the EngSoc Instagram account or reach out to us on Discord.  

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