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Academic Outreach Director

Responsible for contacting companies or professionals providing services targeting students’ professional skills and introduce students to various ends of the engineering program spectrum.  


  • Conduct polls to determine who/what students would like to see and listen to regarding academic and professional development.

  • Research and contact potential guest speakers to attend applicable workshops.  Briefing and arranging correct meeting times for the guest speakers. 

  • Conduct polls to evaluate students’ satisfaction with current workshops to help plan for future workshops. 

Time Commitment: 

It is suggested that the Academic Outreach Director should allocate 1-3 hours per week to ensure optimal participation and efficiency. Time should be spent working on the tasks mentioned above, as well as preparing for meetings and follow-up tasks. Please be advised that additional time may be required for planning and execution during busier weeks.  

Meeting Schedule: 

The frequency of the meeting schedule will be determined by the workshops and events planned, however bi-weekly meetings providing important progress and updates and are highly encouraged. 

If you have any questions on the application process or Directorship positions you can email or DM us through the EngSoc Instagram account or reach out to us on Discord.

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